Choosing Multimedia Journalism

When I hear multimedia journalism, I believe this is another way of defining convergence journalism, which is my chosen emphasis are. So, let me just say that I am STOKED for my J2150 class.

I started college motivated by dreams of being a television broadcaster, a reporter live on the scenes, a glamorous anchor woman. Then, I realized there’s a lot more to journalism that I enjoy. I love working at the radio station. I love taking photographs. I am always writing. I make short documentary-like videos in my free time. When I learned what strategic communications meant, I thought advertising may be a new and exciting way to turn my creativity into a more business-like approach.

Clearly, I wanted it all. So here I am, a convergence student, ready to learn how to put all of these aspects of journalism into one great story packed with information, graphics, photography, video, audio clips, written articles and more!

A teacher introduced me to the website MediaStorm, born at our very own Mizzou J-School. Websites like this continue to inspire changes in the methods of journalistic storytelling in a way that I think is brilliantly entertaining as well as informative.

As a multimedia journalist (something, it sounds like, we all must become) we’ve been told to embrace social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs in order to create an online profile for ourselves. While I understand the need for this, I’ve never been much of a “tweeter” or blogger. I’m not one to publicize my personal thoughts on a regular basis.  So, this semester I shall, indeed, be pushed outside my comfort zone. I accept the challenge.


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