Experimenting with my camera

I learned about shutter speed and aperture yesterday in my photojournalism class…AND in my multimedia journalism class.  Lucky for me, I needed the reinforcement.

When I got back to my dorm room, I couldn’t wait to experiment with my camera. It was too cold outside to go on a photo shoot adventure, so I worked with what I had around me.

It’s fun to fool around with different angles…standing on chairs, lying on the floor. I love the artistic aspect of photography; you can’t take a right or wrong photo…well, not really. As long as you have an intention for it looking the way it does, or as long as it looks really cool, you’ve got yourself a keeper!

Still, without the right technique, you’ll have less luck capturing a great photo. Anyone can grab a camera and shoot, but if those who call themselves photographers are the ones who know how to balance an image, capture expression, prevent overexposure, or create just the right amount of blurriness behind a sharp looking object.

There’s definitely more to photography than I thought!


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