What’s in your pockets?


Go into the outside world – find a person who allows you to photograph him/her holding the contents of one of their pockets in a hand.

I was a little nervous for this assignment. Catching a stranger off guard and asking to take their photo is slightly intimidating. The fear of rejection or creating that awkward moment is really the worst of it. After the first person turns you down, you say ‘no problem’ and walk on, you get over that fear and walk right up to the next person.

The first person that let me take his photo was Sam, the guy in the denim shirt.  He is a construction worker in Columbia and was just coming back from Regency hotel, which is being torn down for some fancier place. I got a thrill out of meeting a stranger, trying to figure out his story, and creating a piece of art around him. I think the graffiti wall complimented his casual and rugged look nicely. Notice in his hand the larger silver coin — if you can read what it says, go look up what the significance of the coin means. I’ll just say I learned a lot about one man just by asking him what was in his pockets.

The second person that I photographed was Jihyuk, an MU student from South Korea. As you can see, he was pretty excited to have him picture taken! I found it ironic that as Jihyuk struggled to understand my English when I asked him what he was studying, his friend explained that Jihyuk is here for the intensive English program. In Jihuk’s pocket was nothing too unique. I really like how the red and orange colors pop in the photo of his two hands.


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