Shy Writers, Loud Reporters

Response to today’s CNN Newsroom broadcast…

Getting ready this morning, I turned on CNN for a little background commentary as the informed citizen should do. They were talking about the GOP primaries and how Florida’s polls will likely reflect the nation’s overall opinion, because Florida’s demographics are quite diverse and very representative of the entire US population. So today is kind of a big deal. And as far it looks, Romney is looking like the front-runner in this election.

The next topic of discussion was “What will it take for America to lose weight?!” I continued listening as health and nutrition often interest me… I can’t help it, I grew up eating organic cereals, dessert-less-dinners, and fruit leather instead of fruit roll-ups.  Anyway, I looked online at CNN’s website hoping to follow up on this story. I looked for a few minutes and found nothing. I’m sure there is an article somewhere linking to the morning broadcast, but I didn’t have time to super-search the web something like this.

This sort of practice is expected in our emerging multimedia society.

Shouldn’t a leading media outlet with a highly skilled staff know well enough to provide easy-to-find web articles that follow up with their broadcast material directly after it is televised? This sort of practice is expected in our emerging multimedia society. The audience wants to access the same story on television, the internet, and other social media sites — which ever medium is the most convenient for them. At the campus radio station, if we report a story on-air, we are also required to at least transfer the story word-for-word to our website and then provide additional information for those who missed the live broadcast or simply want to know more.

The last topic discussed this morning that sparked my interest was a study done on introverts: Why introverts can be great leaders. When I looked this one up online, I saw that it was published a year ago. So, I guess CNN recycles their material… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why not bring up old topics as long as people still find them timely and interesting! CNN related this study to the primaries, adding another angle of discussion to the topic of the Florida primaries and presidential elections. They compared Romney (an introvert) to Gingrich (an extrovert) and Bush (an introvert) to Clinton (an extrovert). So contrary to common assumptions, men and women who are naturally outgoing, popular, communicative, and confident in social situations are not always the best leaders.

This got me thinking… do introverts or extroverts make better journalists?

Why extroverts? — Because journalists need to be comfortable approaching strangers and presenting themselves confidently in front of an audience.  Why introverts? — Because journalists need to be insightful and to observe carefully as they detach themselves from the situation.

What do you think? (See poll)

I also took this quiz by TIME magazine to find out if I am an introvert or extrovert.  The diagnosis? I am likely an EXTROVERT.


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