The Next Big Thing for Businesses: Pinterest

For A Visual Society

What is Pintrist? Well, it’s basically an online bulletin board. You see a picture you like, so you ‘like’ it or ‘repin’ it to your board where you collect all your favorite pins. While most people use it to collect photos of fashion inspirations, home decorating ideas, new recipes, creative crafts, and such, this new fad could be more serious than an addictive past-time.

An article by Entrepreneur says Pintrist may be “stepping up as a valuable marking tool for businesses.”

Businesses can advertise by posting images of their products on Pintrist and linking them back to the company’s website.

It works as a sort of virtual store catalog. –Entrepreneur

You don’t want to get too promotional, though. That’s the fastest way to lose your cool. Don’t post your logo everywhere. People don’t want these boards to be walking advertisements. The photos should be enjoyable to look at, and a big commercialized logo might take away from the image’s attractiveness.

You can also use Pintrist for inspiration. How are other companys attracting customers? What sorts of products are attracting people? Use this information to increase sales by responding to popular demands. Notice the trends. What images are people repinning? What themes do you see? Use Pintrist to pick up on the latest trends. For example, you’ll see under the category of weddings lots of photos of simple, country weddings. If you work for a bridal magazine, you may want to consider doing a feature on bridesmaids in cowboy boots and cornfields for the photo shoot.

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