A Random Thought.

My problem is that I start things and don’t always finish them. I know, I’m working on it. It’s just that sometimes I get these sudden bursts of creativity… random ideas flood my head and I get really passionate about actually turning these ideas into something, so I start a project. Then the next day, I get distracted by life… school and work keep me busy, and I fall into the daily routine as my half-implemented project sits there waiting for me to pick it back up. To make it worse, by the time I get that motivated feeling to change the world with my “fantastic” ideas again, I’m thinking up whole new projects and the ones from last week get left behind.

I’m not sure what sort of problem I would diagnose myself with, but it is the reason my room can’t stay clean more than 24 hours. I walk in my room, sit down at the computer, start knocking out my to-do list, realize I still have my shoes on, take my shoes off and leave them under my desk, realize I forgot to eat, so I try to multi-task and bring my “meal” of Cheez-Its and apple juice to my desk and then get distracted by a knock at my door and forget to throw away my garbage. It’s a mess. I’m a mess.

But I think I’ve realized why I chose journalism. I like the creative aspect of it — the writing, the photography, the editing, etc. — and I like that your work is ALWAYS changing. One day you may be reporting on a dairy farm and the next day you’ll be interviewing children at an inner-city school. It’s great. I mean, I’m only a student so I don’t know what real-life journalism is going to be exactly like, but I think I’m going to enjoy it.


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