Business Journalism

I am currently filling out an application for a business journalism scholarship.  So why business journalism?

I am fascinated by how businesses shape our economies, societies, communities and individual consumers. I find the concept of marketing fun — it’s like a social puzzle — how do you understand the consumers’ needs, satisfy them, creatively catch their attention, and then convince them to buy the product, all while maintaining a balance of meeting demand and making a profit. I wonder how money is used, where our hard-earned cash is going, and why funding is used one way and not another.

As a possible career choice, I’d like to help businesses market themselves through social media. I’d also like to investigate into corporate fraud, business scandals, and unethical behavior that employees attempt to cover up. The media has so much to offer the world of business.

I came across another article similar to the Pintrist one I posted yesterday.  This one is entitled “A good time to invest in Social Media, or not: Find out what’s best for your business.” Check it out!


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