Mizzou Relay for Life 2012

I had my first experience photographing for an official event this past weekend — Relay for Life.  I received an email sent out to our Fundamentals of Photography class and although no pay was offered, I jumped at the opportunity!  Half of me did it because I need more photos to add to my portfolio and the other half of me did it out of curiosity — I’ve always wanted to participate in Relay for Life as both of my dad’s parents died of lung cancer when I was younger, however, I’ve never had the motivation to stay up all night from 6pm to 6am. Although it’s an absolutely great cause, I know my limits when it comes to sleep…

I enjoyed having the freedom to take photos of anything and everything. I definitely got my people-watching fix in for the week. It was a little overwhelming at first, trying to incorporate all the skills I’ve learned in class to real life because someone was actually counting on me to capture a summary of this event.  I looked for honest emotion, interaction, details, scene setters, humor, and images that gave context information. Once I finally got the aperture and shutter speed right, the rest of it became easier as the night progressed.

I wish I had stayed longer, but I also had to attend the Opera ‘Cenerentola’ and support my GPT (Grand Pause Tonic, a small a Capella choir) friends. After the opera, I went back to the rec center where Relay for Life was held, got a few more pictures and then called it a night.

Here’s some of my favorite photos:


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