Do you link with love?

I added a ‘LINKwithlove’ button to my blog today.

I saw this on a friend’s personal blog, started reading up on it and think it’s an absolutely great idea!

When you post a LINKwithlove button, you’re showing respect for intellectual property online. It’s so easy to copy and paste photos and content online and claim them as your own these days. Just because you can do it (and do it easily), however, doesn’t mean you should. The internet is still new enough that ethical behavior guidelines for sharing information online are sometimes unclear.

LINKwithlove offers a list of articles that discuss the legal issues of Pintrest. I found the following especially helpful:

So, it sounds like Pinterest is edging on danger. We need internet police enforcing copyright laws. Something needs to change. Artists, writers, creators, and anyone with an idea deserves to own the right to their own work without having it stolen by a careless web surfer. We need to educate ourselves and then each other on the ethics of online sharing. Start by LINKing with love.


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