Bath & Family

Here’s a post I should’ve published a week ago! Last weekend was so much fun —

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths

Went to Bath. What a beautiful place! It was my first time experiencing England outside the city, and I didn’t want to leave.


We toured the Roman baths which was really cool. They say if you drink the water, it has healing powers. I suppose all the minerals in the water are good for you, but it tasted disgusting. I had to try it though.









We also had a chance to see Stonehenge! Unfortunately, they said because of the snow we weren’t allowed to get close to the national wonder. I’m not sure how a little snow could make these rocks so vulnerable… but it was still cool to see, even if we did have to stand behind the fence. This photo symbolizes our experience.


My bedroom

My bedroom

My Aunt Diana and cousin Samantha also came to visit me in London last weekend!  We actually had a chance to grab dinner Friday night at the Porcupine Pub. Great food, great conversation, great memories of funny drunk British men. My mom insisted that my aunt take photos of me in my flat, so we did a little photo shoot Saturday morning before exploring the city.






Then, we walked through Reagents Park and snuck our way into the college, where my aunt and uncle studied abroad. A few nice students keyed us into the building so we could look around! Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that we needed a key to leave the premises as well. So naturally, we climbed our way out.





DSCN5004Afterwards, we met up with their good old friends from England. We did the London Dungeon tour, which was actually pretty frightening (especially when one of the actors in a dark cloak pick you out from a crowd and whisper in your ear from behind!), but I found the dramatic history lessons about torture really fascinating.

DSCN5030 DSCN5047

For lunch, we went to Borough Market. Everything smelled SO delicious!! The bread was fresh and the hot chocolate was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. After sampling as much as I could, I decided on a rich hot cheesy potato meal. Just quality food, I can’t even describe the sensations in words.

And of course, we had to make our way over to Big Ben for some photos. It was so cold at this point, I remember nearly losing the feeling in my toes, we didn’t stay very long.

All in all – great weekend! I’m so glad they came to visit 🙂




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