A New Creative Outlet

I’ve always been a sucker for inspirational quotes. In middle school, I used to compile my favorites on a word document, print them out and tape them around my bedroom. Just recently, I discovered dafont.com (which has added so many new possibilities to my Photoshop adventures) and applied some of this exciting typography to my favorite quotes and photography from my time studying abroad in London. Here’s a little peak at what I’ve been up to all night…


Although I never rode the London Eye, I had a lot of fun taking photos of the Ferris Wheel.


This photo was taken in Edinburgh, Scotland during the first week of spring. Although the trees were still bare, the weather was beautiful!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral was one of the most beautiful churches I visited in Europe! The gardens were in full bloom and the locals told me I was incredibly lucky to see the sun on my visit.


I took this photo in Regents Park – one of my favorite places in London.


This photo was from somewhere among the Highlands of Scotland. It was my first time seeing mountains up so close, and definitely one of the highlights from my semester abroad!


Here’s another photo from Regent’s Park. Sometimes I would just walk through the park trying to take in the reality that I was blessed enough to be living in a different country, experiencing a life I never imagined living.


Some friends and I took a day trip to Oxford. The city was so picturesque!



So many people biked around London, even in the winter.


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