Feelin’ 22 & America’s Real Birthday?

561358_3367457866715_89446653_nThis month, I celebrated my birthday … along with most Americans. Did you know the the middle of September is when most US babies are born (according to the National Center for Health Statistics website)? On September 17, I turned 22. The Huffington Post also leads me to believe that the United States actually celebrated its birthday on the same day.

Oddly enough, for over two centuries America has been lying about her age to make herself older than she really is. If she were honest, she would have to admit that her actual birthday fell on September 17, 1787, the day that the Constitutional Convention adopted the Supreme Law of the Land and set out to bring the people of the United States into a more perfect union.

Read “America’s Real Birthday: A New Convention for Constitution Day” by Dan Ross, a former middle school social studies teacher, for more.

So, how did I feel about turning 22? You probably don’t really care, but you might be interested to read what other people shared about turning 22 on Twitter. I found it rather entertaining.



One thought on “Feelin’ 22 & America’s Real Birthday?

  1. Congrats Nicole!! Just had a birthday as well. 60, hmmm. Got a friend just turned 90. It’s all good! Always enjoy – the highs and the lows! God loves you no matter what!

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