London Promotional Video for CAPA

As most of you know, I studied abroad in London during the spring semester of 2013. Now, I’m working for CAPA International Education as an ambassador at the Missouri School of Journalism. They’ve asked me to put together a short video … so here it is!

This is not necessarily the final video edit I will be sending to CAPA to use as promotional material, but I wanted to post it now and possibly get some feedback. Keep in mind, all of the video shot in this film was not taken with the original intention of showing it to other people as a promotion for my study abroad program. I used random videos from my camera and iphone that I took with hopes of simply sharing it with my friends and family, and as a precious reminder from my time abroad.

As you watch the video, here are a few things you should know …

1. Camden was our home. We lived right around the corner from the Camden Town tube stop, and we were often “greeted” by street musicians performing like this band. The music scene was awesome … did you know punk rock originated in Camden and Amy Winehouse was a regular in this part of town?

2. Regent’s Park was one of the prettiest city parks I’ve ever seen. There were always dog walkers and old lovers holding hands and rugby boys and people eating ice cream cones … it was the perfect escape from a busy day.

3. The cafe you see during “Tea Time” is called Allan’s Patisserie. It’s a quaint little place with delicious pastries right off of Oxford Street. I stumbled in here on my first day of work at, looking for a warm place to sit for breakfast.

4. The first musician you see during “Field Trips” was from our tour of Bath. He was performing right outside the Roman Baths.

5. The next scene in “Field Trips” with the golden statue is the Albert Memorial. We visited here for our British History and Traditions class.

6. The last scene in “Field Trips” is of the Parliament building.

7. Rockaoke, was one of my favorite night scenes in London. It takes place at the bar/club Roadhouse in the heart of Covent Garden.

8. The Missouri School of Journalism works with CAPA International Education for the London study abroad trip. We took classes at the CAPA building with students from other American universities. Go to for more info!


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