Creativity Class: Week 12

Class Reflection

Last Thursday, we had a guest come in to teach us about movement. I think it’s interesting how movement connects our mind and body, allowing us to express ourselves. Our class activities reminded me of Nia, a sensory-based movement practice that I have experienced in choir.

I actually made a video for my choir teacher about movement in choral singing. Here it is  —


Creative Idea

I love capturing movement in video. This week, I produced a video for Vox Magazine about Coming Out. I tried to pay particular attention to the subjects’ facial expressions when filming, and then I edited the clips together to compare and contrast these variations in movement.



One thought on “Creativity Class: Week 12

  1. I appreciate the connection you made between our work with Paola and your previous experiences with Nia! The video really helped illustrate the point you were making, so thanks for including it! Looks like something I would enjoy. I was very curious to see your video for Vox about Coming Out, but the video embedded is about the Human Society (another worthy cause, of course!). Not sure if you accidentally uploaded the wrong thing…either way, the project was creative and, as always, I enjoy the multimedia dimension of you blog entries!

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