Creativity Class: Week 14

Class Reflection

Last Thursday, our class took a personality test. I’ve taken it before — in high school, our guidance counselors gave us these tests in hopes that they would steer us toward a career as we applied for colleges. It’s funny to sit down and answer the same sort of questions four years later. Continue reading


Creativity Class: Week 13

Class Reflection

Last night I dreamed that I lost my shoe. I was walking through church and realized that my feet were bare, so I started looking around. I backtracked my steps and remembered that I’d grabbed a coke from the vending machine, so I reached inside wondering if that’s where I’d left my shoe, but then something grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the vending machine!!! It was beautiful inside — I was surrounded by a garden of red roses. When I tried to pick one, though, it pricked me. I started bleeding to death … and then I woke up. Continue reading

Creativity Class: Week 7

Reading Response

I really liked the How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci excerpt. I always thought that I was more right-brained than left brained, but after reading the words of Professor Sperry, “Our education system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the non-verbal form of intellect. What is comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere,” I thought I’d test myself.

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