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Website: NicoleLunger.wix.com/home

Somethings people tell you, you’ll never forget. You linger on their words. You may not remember any other details about the situation, but their words will forever ring in your memory. Well, three years ago I sang for a friend’s wedding and during the reception, I was placed next to a guy I’d never met before. He started up the conversation by cleverly asking, “So, who is Nicole Lunger?” I felt slightly pressured to provide him with an entertaining little synopsis of who I am. It should be an easy task to describe yourself … everyone likes talking about themselves! Not me. I mean, I’m much more comfortable asking questions about others’ lives than talking about my own. Ever since that moment, though, his question continues to challenge me to find my own identity and to put it into words:

I am a student, an undergraduate at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying Convergence Photojournalism.

Why journalism? Because English class was easy, I got into the habit of journaling at a young age, I edit photos and create short videos in my free time, I have a habit of asking too many questions, I am comfortable speaking in front of an audience, I am easily amused, I need variety in my life and love sharing stories.

I grew up in Excelsior, Minnesota and attended Minnetonka High School.

I am the oldest of four kids and family is one of the most important parts of my life.

I started my own photography business doing senior portraits, weddings, events and everything in between. My official website is still in the works, so I will keep you posted on that. In the meantime, check out my Facebook Page to see my work:

I sing and I love the arts. Sometimes I cantor at church or will sing at weddings, and I have participated in choir for basically my whole life. I was also involved in a lot of music theatre growing up. I could spend hours in art museums, I love to draw. There’s nothing more exciting than a blank sheet of paper.

I am Catholic. I went to a small Catholic school called St. John the Baptist. I am passionate about my faith, but have respect and curiosity for all other religions and spiritual beliefs.

I find people fascinating. I love meeting new people and sparking conversations with strangers. I am a sociologist at heart and enjoy studying why humans think and act the way they do.

I am a business minor. I enjoy planning, organizing, delegating and turning ideas into actions. I’ve been involved in Student Government in the past, worked as a Peer Advisor for Residential Life and served on the Student Council Board for CAPA International Education in London, where I studied abroad Spring 2013.

I’m also very interested in natural health. I started a blog called natruallynicole.blog.com, but decided to ditch that one and spend more time developing this one. So, I will probably republish some of those posts on here from time to time. I hope you enjoy my site!  



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nicole, I’m a guy and I absolutely love big noses on women, especially when you look at them in profile. I find small noses on women boring and unattractive. And besides, your nose isn’t really that big (my girlfriend has a bigger nose, hah), yours is average, you are way too harsh with yourself. I think your profile looks really cute and beautiful.

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