Feelin’ 22 & America’s Real Birthday?

561358_3367457866715_89446653_nThis month, I celebrated my birthday … along with most Americans. Did you know the the middle of September is when most US babies are born (according to the National Center for Health Statistics website)? On September 17, I turned 22. The Huffington Post also leads me to believe that the United States actually celebrated its birthday on the same day.

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Get Bloomberg Certified

Most students at Mizzou probably don’t know that we have a fully-functioning trading room complete with Bloomberg access at the Trulaske College of Business. Thanks to this terminal, the business students are managing a million+ dollar investment fund in real time.  Although I’m not a business student, I still find this pretty cool.

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Mixing with the holidays

As a student, I find the best way to spend Labor Day is by being productive; catching up on studying, getting a head start on something or finishing up projects that have waited on my to-do-list for way too long.

Today, as I opened up Final Cut to start a new video, I realized I left a project from last November incomplete. So, to celebrate Labor Day, here is a short video I filmed last Thanksgiving of my little sister Kathleen making pumpkin pie.  Continue reading